Thursday, February 9, 2012

Waiting... Waiting... WAITING...

The last week has been the longest week EVER. It has been exactly one week since they put my 3 beautiful little embryos back in. We have 4 days left of waiting. It doesn't seem like very long... but it is an agonizing wait for me. 12 years all rolled into this little week and a half. So many scenarios are running through my mind. If it works and we have 2 babies just like we wanted... how excited will we be... or will we even believe it. If it doesn't work... who will I be? I've already decided to take that week off just in case. I know if it doesn't happen I will be a mess. I wish it were easy to see the signs either way. I wish I "felt" pregnant. But I still just feel bloated from all the drugs pumped into my body. I finally had my last progesterone shot last night. Thank goodness those are over. I did not enjoy them one bit. I had a little bit of cramping a few days ago... but that seems to be gone now too and I just feel FAT. At least I can finally button my pants again... but I was disappointed in myself on Tuesday while shooting my session. I was panting like a dog in heat. I could barely breathe. I think it's slowly going back to normal though. I just need some patience. Calm, relaxing, patience until Monday. But I/WE really want this. I think we deserve this. I know we do.


  1. Time pass so slowly when some one is in this sort of condition.

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  2. Praying for you Paige!!! Praying that God gives you your hearts desire!

  3. Keep the faith friend! Keep the faith!