Friday, October 16, 2015

Month 6!

Starting from where I left off.  I spent 5 extra weeks in Germany.  They were long and challenging.  Being without my husband during such a scary time was hard.  We lost one of the twins at 8 weeks.  We had our hearts set on 2 babies.  I was heartbroken and still think about that little angel that left us too soon.  I know he/she was only 8 weeks, but there was a heart beating inside me that just stopped and that was devastating to me.  I wanted these babies to grow up together.  Aidan being an only child was difficult.  I wanted nothing more than to give him a companion he could share memories with.  At times he would tell me he was lonely and wanted a brother.  I couldn't give that to him and in some ways I feel like I've failed him.  But, I know he will be fine.  It was just a dream I wanted for him.  We still have 4 beautiful embryos frozen in Spain.  So as soon as I'm cleared to carry again, I will go back alone and hope that we can do this one more time.  My body on the other hand hates pregnancy and never wants to do this again!  My morning sickness was horrific and is just now easing up a bit at 23 weeks.  Not to mention all of the other problems we've been having.  I know it will all be worth it in the end though :)

So what has been going on the last 4 months??  My German Dr. finally cleared me to fly at 11 weeks.  So on July 4th, I joined my guy in Pa where he completed one of his courses.  I thought we were in the clear as far as the bleeding was concerned.  She said the hematoma was nearly gone.  But... one evening while waiting to be seated at Red Lobster, I felt something off.  I went to the restroom and sure enough it was happening again.  I was calm this time, but still frightened.  I was over the 12 week mark, so I was sure we were in the safe zone.  At the ER, they did an extensive ultrasound which turned up absolutely NOTHING.  Baby was doing fine and even measuring ahead of schedule.

So off to Disney World we went the following week.  We wanted to celebrate Aidan's Birthday by doing something special this year.  After all, this would be the last time we could travel without a baby crying in the back seat.  He had a great time and the boys pushed me around in a wheel chair the whole time.  2 more visits to the ER while there, but still baby was doing great!  Just your normal, everyday pregnancy bleeding????  So frustrating.  But... it stopped.  August 7th was our last trip to the ER and I'm knocking on wood that it stays that way!

At 17 weeks, we planned our gender reveal!  I scheduled an ultrasound and asked the tech to please place the baby's gender in an envelope so we could find out later that evening.  She had us close our eyes during a lot of it.  I could hear John huffing and puffing beside me.  It was so hard to keep our eyes closed, but we did it.  We knew how we wanted to find out and the rest of the day we spent preparing for our reveal.  We wore white and filled 2 garden sprayers with paint.  Pink and Blue.  We had our photographer open the envelope to find out the sex and hand Aidan the appropriate sprayer.  There was no secret about it... I had been praying for a little girl.  Of course I would be happy with a boy and maybe I can get my girl on the next try.  When we turned around, Aidan sprayed us with BLUE paint.  I knew it was a boy.  I just had a feeling!  So, I guess I get to stay the princess of the house.  I'm not ready to be a queen yet anyways.  And my boys spoil me rotten!

We arrived in El Paso mid August and have been getting used to the area.  It took us a month to get into our new home because the Army has really screwed up our pay.  Hopefully it will all be fixed by October, but it's been a difficult transition.  I met my new doctor at 20 weeks.  He was great!  I really like him and hope he's around when we deliver this little dude.  At 21 weeks we had our anatomy scan.  Baby looked so cute in there with his little cheeks sucking away.  I loved seeing him again.  We did find out that I have Placenta Previa.  Normally the placenta is attached higher up in the uterus.  But mine is attached at the bottom.  It's only marginal though so it's not covering my cervix.  If it were covering the cervix it would mean definite C-section delivery.  But it's only next to the cervix.  So there is still a chance it can move up and we can still have a natural delivery.  But we will have another ultrasound at 30 weeks to see.

That's pretty much all to report for now!  We go in every 2 weeks since we are still considered high risk, but most of the appointments are great.  Really looking forward to meeting this little pumpkin :)

Thankyou to Amanda Bailey in Killeen, TX for the beautiful gender reveal pictures!!