Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Aidan...

I know I've been blogging a lot... mostly just random thoughts and feelings. It helps pass the time. Maybe I sound overdramatic sometimes... oh well. With one day left until we find out our big or not so big news, I started thinking about when we found out we were pregnant with Aidan. We got pregnant almost immediately after we got married. So soon that people would even believe that was the reason we got married. But it wasn't. We knew we wanted a baby even before we married and knew we wanted to start right away. Even after three months we went to the doctor wondering why we weren't already. We were very impatient. The doctor told us we were crazy and to come back and see him in one year if we still weren't pregnant. The next month I was waiting for my monthly blessing to come along and it wasn't showing up. We immediately went out and bought a pregnancy test. John bought it. Haha! We got it home and I did my thing and laid it on the sink. I stood over that stick for what seemed like forever and nothing was happening. I called for John and told him it wasn't working. He walked into the bathroom, picked up the stick, and turned it over. "You had it upside down... look... we're pregnant"

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