Saturday, February 11, 2012


All of this waiting around, constantly thinking about what could or could not happen... finally just made my head stop. One day I was happy and excited about the possibility of being pregnant. The next I was in tears thinking about what would happen if I wasn't. It has really just been confusing and exhausting. I try to be positive in my comments about it... but I know I probably just sound like a bitter old hag at this point. So I apologize to my fertility posse... you know who you are ;). Today I woke up with nothing. No feelings about it either way. Either I'm pregnant or I'm not. There is nothing I can do to change the outcome. So what is the point in even trying to imagine what my reaction will be on Monday. A few days ago I was looking for any sign I could find to tell me I was either pregnant or not. Then I realized any symptom I had could be construed in two different ways. For instance.. cramping could be either from the embryos implanting... or it could also be a period on it's way or even just a side effect of the progesterone. There is no point in obsessing over this or looking for those little signs. We will know in good time. Very glad that this 2 week wait is coming to an end. Less than 48 hours until we know what is in store for us. If we are pregnant... GREAT!!! If not... We've already decided we will try one more time immediately before things get too hectic around here. Of course... still wishing we won't have to :).

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