Monday, March 15, 2010

Saying Goodbye to a wonderful Friend...

These deployments bring pain in soo many ways. When I thought it was bad enough to say goodbye to the love of my life, I realized that I am also losing the company of an incredible friend. Trina, one of the strongest women I know...will also be heading out shortly. We have had soo much fun together...and also some heartache.

I will never forget the night I met her. I felt a bit out of place in a room full of soldiers with their wives who had been in the unit for years already. But when Trina walked through the doors she looked right over at me and waved. I just assumed she was a spouse like me. I whispered to John and asked if he knew her. Why was she waving at me? "She is a new pilot too", he said. Her welcoming smile immediately put me at ease. She came over and sat by us. John introduced me and she introduced her husband, Jesse. That was the beginning of a friendship I will never forget.

Every other weekend following that night, we spent enjoying time together at their house or ours by a fire. We even bought four wheelers together and took trips to Land between the Lakes to ride. Our children became good friends as well. When John and Trina came home from the last deployment, we picked up right where we left off.

In May, we had a Memorial Day BBQ. We invited several of our close friends. The pool was set up and we were all having a great time. That evening, something awful happened. Jesse jumped into the pool and had an accident. He hit his head on the pool floor and broke his neck. In that instant, all of our lives were changed forever. What I've watched their family go through is so inconceivable. Trina's strength through all of it has amazed me. And she still finds time to be such a great friend to me. You can read more about her experiences here: Trina's Blog.

I will miss you Trina and will always pray for you and your family. Come home soon!

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