Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Keeping myself busy!

To add to my list of things to keep busy this year, I have finally made the leap to go back to school! My business is doing great, but I wanted something to backup my work. A degree that says "Yes...I am a trained Professional Photographer". I also want to expand my knowledge of photography. And what better time to do it than NOW!

First I looked around for photography schools and found the Nossi College of Art based in Nashville. The program really fit what I was looking for, but I'd have to make a drive back and forth to Nashville at least twice a week. That really wouldn't work with my busy schedule. And then what happens if we move when John returns?

So I started looking for online training. My good friend Suzanne mentioned that a friend of hers was doing photography training through the Academy of Art University...ALL ONLINE! How amazing would that be? To train in my free time. At 2am in the morning if I had to! So I looked them up and guess what? Their Associates program was EXACTLY what I was looking for. But, their tuition is really high!

The next question is: "How the heck am I going to pay for this"? For some reason I thought that my GI Bill money was expired. But it wouldn't hurt to look into it. So I made the phone call, and found out that I still have 16 months left of benefits!!! And I have until April 2015 to use it! I was almost in tears with excitement! Silly, I know...but I am soo excited about this venture...I can barely stand it! The GI Bill still won't pay for all of it. So I am applying for financial aid (which I am assuming is a FAT CHANCE). And the school also has a portfolio grant that will pay for half of 2 classes. Keeping my fingers crossed. I know I'll figure out a way to pay for the rest. But I just really need to do this!

Here's hoping it all works its way out and I can enroll for the Summer Semester in June!!! It better, because I already paid the $100 application fee!

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