Monday, March 8, 2010


Last weekend we promised Aidan a trip to Build-a-bear to have a bear custom made with a recording of Johns voice. 5am the day we were supposed to go, Aidan woke up sick. He spent the entire day in bed with cartoons. At the end of the day he said..."ah man". "We were supposed to go to build-a-bear today". I told him we could go any day even after daddy was gone. Which he replied... "but I wanted daddy to make a recording for me".

So...this afternoon we took him out of school early and headed up to Nashville to get his bear. He enjoyed it and now has a special little message recorded from John that he can listen to anytime he wants to hear his voice :). What a great day!

PS....the bear's name is Wiz-o-poop. Boys are weird!

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