Monday, January 31, 2011

Can't SLEEP!

Sometimes I lay here and think about what it would be like to be married to a civilian. I can't see it. I can't see our life outside of the military. It's all I've known since the day I became an adult. I joined the army even before I graduated from high school. Then married him two years later. I gave my life to them 14 years ago. And when I married him, I gave it even more. Even though I am a veteran now, I still have to abide by their rules. I think I have a tiny advantage over some military wives because I did experience soldier life for 5 years. I never deployed, but I do understand that when the Army says pack... there are nooo exceptions. And all I can do is accept it, not ask questions, and wait. No matter how much he loves me, the army will always be his mistress. She will always come first. But I have to believe that what he's doing, he does for us. Because he wants us to have a great life together. He is proud to serve our country and he loves what he does. I love what he does. I may not agree or like everything, but this is what military life is. So forgive me when I roll my eyes because you are upset that your spouse is leaving for 2 days or a month even. Be happy that he is home safe. Because your neighbor is lying in bed at 3am worrying about her husband flying over enemies. Waiting for a phone call that she gets only once every couple of weeks. Hoping for a quick email telling her how much he misses her. And in the ultimate case, actually lost him. This may sound dorky... but Thank a military wife today. They aren't appreciated enough for as much as they give.


  1. Army life is all I've ever known, too,...from birth at Ft. Leavenworth! After almost 30 years as an Army wife, I can't think of a harder life or a more satisfying one. When we see our soldiers leaving for an assignment or coming home from one....our hearts swell up with pride. I pray for your family everyday and for John's safe return. You and John are a strong couple and you both ooze love and devotion to each other, and to Aidan.
    That is what makes a strong Army family. Love you all...xoxox
    And, Paige, "Thank you"!!

  2. I totally get you, Paige. There are several nights that I think the same things...but I have yet to understand some of them because we've not yet been in as long as you both have. It is such a journey, one that many will never understand. Thanks for being such a great role model in my life, it has been fun to know you. Keep on keepin' on, he'll be home soon. I know that sounds lame, but it's true. Thank you.

  3. Kimberly... you are soo cute! I "loved" being with you at your homecoming! You and Jim have always been some of my favorite clients! I am happy to see you two reunited finally!!!!