Monday, February 3, 2014

Transfer Day!

I can't get over the outpouring of support we've received from all of our friends and families throughout this process.  Even if this isn't our time, I am so thankful for all of your well wishes, thoughts, and prayers.  I could not have made it this far without every single one of your uplifting words of encouragement.  You all bring me strength, smiles, and comfort!  Thankyou, Thankyou!  

The day is finally here!  The weekend seriously took forever!  I hated not knowing how the embryos were developing and how many we'd have left for the final transfer.   On our way to the clinic, we saw the Stork in his nest above the town of Herreiden.  My friend said this is a good omen!!!  Silly, but it brought me to tears.  The ride up to the clinic wasn't as painful as I'd anticipated.  Having my friend there to chat about girl stuff was a nice distraction.  We found a prime parking spot right out front and made our way up to the office.  We were directed to another floor of the clinic where we would hear about the embryos and then make the transfer.  The embryologist came in and explained to us that we had 2 good embryos for transfer today.  There were 3 more still developing in a dish that were about 8 cells but haven't made any progress since Saturday.  It upset me at first, but I accepted it almost immediately and said "Two is good" with tears streaming down my face.  It's more than one.  And with a 5 day transfer, our odds are better than at 3.  Only the best will survive to day 5.  I'm counting my blessings that we have 2 great embabies!!!  Dr. N came in next and explained to us a little more about the stage of the embryos.  They weren't complete blastocysts yet, but well on their way between a Morula and a Blast.  I guess the final development into a blast happens ON day 5.  So I'm assuming since our appointment was really early, they still needed a little time.

I love the way Dr. N talks to me with such reassuring words.  He stood up and said "And now we give them back to you".   They can finally be back in my possession where I can keep them safe for the next 9 months!  We moved into the transfer room where I undressed and hopped up into the stirrups.  He pointed to the monitor on the wall and showed me my two little embryos.  "Look, there they are together..  you can talk to them".  They were sticking to each other like 2 little peas in a pod.  My friend sat by my head and held my hand for the whole transfer.  The embryologist used a catheter to scoop up my little balls of cells and gently handed it off to the doctor.  In less than 10 seconds they were transferred back into their home.  I checked my clock and it was 9:34.  It was such a sentimental experience.  I was sad that John couldn't be there, but thankful for my friend.  I laid there for the next 20 minutes scared to stand up.  So we just sat there taking silly selfies and laughing about how I am technically pregnant with twins now.  But it's not over yet.  They have to stick.  It's more waiting, but I feel calm .  A relief that I've done everything I can to make it to this point.  This round has been so much stronger than the first time.  There are so many positives.  I can't think of a single thing that would make this not work.  It's all up to the embabies and my uterus now.  

I'm home propped up on my couch watching friends.  Particularly the episode where Phoebe gets pregnant.  It makes me happy.  Another thing that makes me happy are all the cute pictures and stories of my friends wearing PINK for me today!  I feel truly blessed to have all of your support!  :)  Onto the 2 week wait!

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