Friday, September 6, 2013

Parking Lot Decisions...

Today was supposed to be a great day.  I went in there hoping for my 15 fluffy follicles to find out we lost a few soldiers in the battle.  How does that happen????  We went from 7 to 5.  Ok... 5 sounds like a good number to work with right?  But in the questionable world of IVF/ICSI... it's a really poor number.  During egg retrieval we would more than likely lose at least half of that.  On our last round, we went into retrieval day with 8.  Even then, I had doubts about going through with it in fear of not having enough eggs.  We ended up with only 4 eggs... 3 that fertilized and NONE to freeze.  This time, Dr. V did suggest we continue this weekend with our shots and check again on Monday.  But... he's not the one spending the money.  We sat in the car in front of the Apotheke trying to figure out what we should do.  My heart was telling me 5 just isn't enough.  We flipped a coin a few times, but it kept saying we should continue.  But, if we continue with the shots, we'd have to go into that Apotheke and spend another 600 euro on top of the 1400 we've already spent on shots.  That's ALOT of money to throw away when your heart is telling you NO.  I didn't listen to my heart last time... and where did that get me?  Right here where I am now.  So we decided, in the parking lot, to throw out those prescriptions and go back into the office to let them know we are canceling this round.  I was given 2 more prescriptions to cancel the cycle and we must wait for my new "cycle" to start again.  Alles Gute.  I'm having my cry today... but I'm looking forward to enjoying Oktoberfest this year with my husband.. and a visit from his Aunt and Uncle.  Maybe next time :)


  1. Something wasn't right. I don't know if it was a hormone thing or what, but I believe you made the right call.