Saturday, August 31, 2013

35 is going to be FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!

At least I can hope!  My 30's have been my best years so far.  I have my boys (although a pain in the ass sometimes) who love me.  My business that rocks!  We live in Germany... and my Husband is HOME this year!  So I decided to celebrate in style!  I had been planning this circus styled shoot for a while and what better day than to shoot it on my Birthday!!!  It was amazing.  Everything turned out better than I had imagined.  It went from a field to a super cool barn in just a few short weeks!  J built a swing to hang from the rafters and my friend E helped hang the curtains and translate for me with the barn owner.  C did such an awesome job with hair and makeup, and the models were beautiful!  I got a little nervous when the first model was almost done with hair and makeup... that I started to panic and rush them.  As I was heading out, Aidan came home with his new ROTC uniform and told me he did not get promoted today.  I felt sad for him and went to console him.  Then he showed me his tab!  He DID get promoted to PVT!!  What a little jokester.  I was so excited that I actually cried.  Maybe it was the hormones from receiving probably the best birthday present ever (IVF to commence the next day), or the excitement from the day... but I couldn't contain myself.  I found J on the front steps and cried some more.  Haha!

We arrived at the barn and dumped my car full of props and arranged them.  They went so well with the curtains!  I got all giddy and happy!  We popped a second bottle of champagne before starting and toasted to what would be my most favorite shoot ever!  Everyone left J and I alone to work.  I had a few duh moments with posing, but J rocked it out!  The second model arrived and everyone else followed (including the German boys who wanted to watch the commotion).  We had a blast!  When it was over, we disassembled the barn and tried to put all of his things back to where they were when we came in.  With everyones help it took only 20 minutes!  I added up the costs of the shoot, and I believe I spent maybe about $400-$500 on everything.  Totally worth it!  Then we sat down and enjoyed an awesome dinner prepared by E and a cake made by my boys!

The day went perfectly even though I woke up feeling defeated and discouraged.  The one thing I needed to happen before starting IVF again was 3 days overdue.  I never thought I'd be so happy to see her later that morning and my mood changed so quickly when she did!  Such a weird thing to be excited about... but I embraced every cramp knowing we'd get to start the whole process the following day!

On Thursday, I made the one hour trip to Erlangen alone.  J had to fly, and I was not waiting until Friday to get this thing started!  The Dr. did an ultrasound and said the lining was thin enough to begin my Puregon injections.  He started me on a much higher dose than last time- 225 ie's per day!  He says he would like to see at least 12 follicles this time but 20 would be overstimulating.  It's funny... but the day after my first shot, I could feel little twinges in my ovaries.  I know that means they are growing!  I've always been able to tell when I'm ovulating... but last time I didn't remember feeling these twinges until much later.  I am super excited and nervous to see what he has to say on Monday when we go back in!  Hoping for at least 5 follicles by then... but I know some take longer to show up.

This is our time.  We are ready for our babies... and I will have them when I'm 35.  35 is going to be fantastic!  Or at least I hope!!!