Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Another blog that I started and never posted! Haha!!!!


Oh...but Wait! That's not the best part of the summer even! End of August rolled around and it was time for something BIG! It was time for R&R! John told us he was coming home sometime at the end of August, but we didn't really know when. I had a round' about date...but with the Army, things can change at the last minute. So I didn't want to get too excited just to be let down. When he called me on a Friday, I was like "OK...see you in a few days". Hmm...maybe see you Tuesday since I'd heard it could take almost 5 days for travel. That Sunday morning we got a call from him saying he was arriving in 2 hours! For Realz?? Holy Cow...we need to get our butts in gear and get ready to go to the airport! It was actually nice to get a phone call a couple hours in advance. You see, the year before, he did not have a layover and I ended up being late to the airport. But this time, I had plenty of time to get there, go to the check in and get our little blank gate passes so that we could meet him immediately after he walked off the plane.

We made it through security and waited at the gate. There was another lady there with a small child. I could tell they were waiting for a soldier too because she was pumping the little girl up. Telling her where her daddy was going to come out from and that she could run up and hug him. They had a video recorder and camera ready to go. The doors opened and people started coming out. I wondered why they didn't let the military people off first. That would be nice dontcha think? I don't think anyone on that plane would oppose to allowing a soldier coming from overseas the privilege of leaving the plane first in order to hug his family he hasn't seen in who knows how many months. But we waited patiently by a Jack Daniels Barrel. Hahaha! I saw a few soldiers come out. Some that didn't have family to great them (which I felt bad for, but then remembered my situation last year). A tall soldier came out...the woman and her friend/whatever squealed in excitement. The small girl ran to him and hugged him. He picked her up and swung her over his shoulder. It brought tears to my eyes. Then I remembered that I was waiting for my soldier too. My focus drew back to the doorway and finally I saw that tall, dark and handsome man of mine. He came over and hugged me. Aidan was not enjoying me being the center of attention so he jumped on his back. What a goob. We walked hand in hand through the airport and back to the Durango (which he thoroughly looked over before we headed out). You know...since I made that purchase on my own.

I thought we'd keep Monday as a resting day, but he wanted to head out to our vacation destination immediately. So Monday afternoon we were headed to Disney World!

Oh what fun we had! We celebrated my 32'nd Birthday with friends who live there. They cooked us dinner and even made homemade cupcakes. It was nice to see them after so many years (4 I think).

We even made a little pit stop at Universal Studios.

The new Harry Potter attraction was amazing! Aidan really loved the butter beer!

After Florida, we just kind of vegged for another week until it was time for him to go back. Seriously...15 days is not enough time. It goes by way too fast. I think they should get 30. Especially since they deploy so often. But I guess I'll have to make do with my 15 days and be happy that I had it. But then again...saying goodbye twice is pure torture! I am one of those people that starts getting upset about a week before. So I really only get a week of happiness before I turn myself into a wreck. It's not something that I can just is. I constantly tell myself...enjoy it while it lasts. But all I can think about is that he is leaving me, yet again for who knows how long because we don't get dates to look forward to.

And that was r&r in a glance :). More disney photos can be viewed over on my facebook page. The countdown is on for our next homecoming!!!

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