Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer Fun!

I started this blog post back in Sept...but never got around to adding the photos. So now that I'm back...here it is!


It's been a while since my last update. So to those of you that do like to check in with us every now and then, I apologize. Let's see...where did I leave off? I think it was somewhere around when Aidan was at his big summer campout. I did promise a photo from his trip so here are a couple.

This is a portion of his troop.

And here we have the little thing I like to call my spawn. The guy who can cheer me up in an instant or break me down in one too.

Anyways, he had a great time. But I have to tell you about his very first night there. I had already arrived in Gatlinburg for my girls trip with Reisa and was snuggled into my bed. It wasn't too long before I drifted off and then I hear the phone ring. I looked at the clock and it was 1 in the am. I thought, "who in the world would be calling me at this hour". Several things jumped into mind. Aidan with a severe burn from falling into the campfire? Or hmm...something broken. I answer and say "Aidan"? No answer. "Aidan...are you there"? Finally I hear this tiny little voice on the other end. "This place sucks" (insert sad little boy voice). I asked him where everyone was and he said they were all sleeping. He said it was too hot to sleep and he didn't want to sleep outside of his bag because a spider might get him. Haha! That was enough to worry me for the rest of my week. I tried calling him several times to see if that spider ever got him, but he never answered his phone after that. Come to find out, he had a great time and didn't want to come home!

That was June! What's next? July... nothing wild and crazy for July really. Other than the normal Independence Day festivities. We met up with Reisa and another friend Amy and her son and went out to post to enjoy the fair and the annual fireworks show they put on. And boy do they put on one hell of a show. A small fortune is spent on those fireworks. We parked a spot on the lawn and let the boys run free around the fair. I figured Aidan is old enough that it is time I give him a little responsibility. And it was just too hot to stand around watching him ride that darn sky scraper looking thing over and over. I just told him to be back to our spot when he saw the fireworks starting. Needless to say...the boy was grounded for a week. Oh...and did I mention we all had to have our very own funnel cake!

In August, April and I tackled one more Wedding together. It went well and we got some great photos. But we decided that Weddings were not right for us anymore. They are soo very stressful, and take alot of patience. Maybe it's just me being hard on myself, but there is always that one moment that gets missed and it just makes me feel horrible. I have had the greatest brides though and have been soo lucky thus far. But I don't think I am ready for it quite yet. I still want to improve my skills before I can commit to another one.

Aidan's 11th Birthday was in August also. I didn't want to have a whole bunch of cleanup, so we had a bowling party the weekend before his actual birthday. It was awesome and he had a great turnout! The bowling alley provided food and drinks, and a whole room for his party. I think he had a wonderful time!

In the middle of August, I completed my first semester at Academy of Art University! It was only two classes, but they were compressed into 6 weeks. The regular sessions are almost 4 months. I got both A's! Yay Me!!! The next semester just started last week, and I have a full course load to include a couple of history classes (eek...if there is ever a class that I am horrible at, it's history!). Wish me luck! The writing itself is going to kill me!

Anyway...I think that is enough catching up for now :). But stay tuned for more!!!

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