Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Assisted Hatching.

After the egg retrieval on Friday, we did a lot of talking about Assisted Hatching.  On Saturday morning, I messaged the doctor to see how many embryos were developing.  He messaged me later that afternoon to let me know that we had 4 good quality ones left and 2 minor quality ones.  I wrote back letting him know that we had some concerns about the procedure.  He called me on Monday evening to address those concerns.  #1... I'm not going to lie, the costs of the procedure were pretty important to us.  We've already spent almost $7000, we needed to make sure we could first afford this "extra".  There is no point in asking any other questions if we couldn't.  I was relieved when he said it was only an additional 150-200 euro.  #2... Will this increase the risk of birth defects or disorders?  I know this should have been the first question, but I was already convinced that the procedure wouldn't be offered if this was a concern.  The doctor told me that that is all in the chromosomes and has nothing to do with any of the things we do to try and force implantation.  I guess in reality... everything IVF/ICSI or even conceiving naturally has those risks so theres nothing you can do about it.  #3... Is there a risk of damaging the embryo during the procedure?  Yes, but it's a very small risk and the embryo can be damaged at any stage of the process even without assisted hatching.  So we said go for it!  

Tuesday- The embryos were "assisted".  Got a quick text from my Doctor saying that we have 3 good quality embryos after the assisted hatching for tomorrow's transfer!  3 is good.  It's more than 0.  I'm still nervous that we will lose more overnight, but hoping all 3 stay strong!  Up bright and early tomorrow to put our babies in!  

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