Saturday, April 24, 2010

My boy is a SPONGE!

Aidan has really been impressing me lately with his knowledge of interesting facts. A few weeks ago he went into detail about the highest award for animal bravery. He knew exactly how many were given to dogs, birds, and even a cat. From that moment on...I decided to actually "hear" him. I am not sure if I had been just disregarding his little thoughts in the past...and I hate to think that I was. But out of the blue he has become this interesting little person to me. Maybe it is because John is not here and he is now relaying his thoughts and opinions onto me instead.

The girls and I have decided to start going to Trivia down at the Front Page Deli (instead of Blackhorse). This will allow us to include him in on the fun. When we did it at the Blackhorse it was up in the bar, so he could not come. We went this last week and Aidan answered 3 of the questions all on his own! Seriously...I never know the answers to any of the questions. I just go to be social. point is I like what he's becoming. And I am soo proud of this little boy and his sponge of a brain. Yes, there are days when he can get on my nerves and I want to just send him camping. But for the most part, he's a good kid and I am blessed that he is mine.

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