Friday, May 28, 2010

Business and Feelings...

Sometimes I wonder if people understand that I AM a person...with problems much like their own. Yes...I am a business owner, but at the same is a very personal business. And I do have bad days. Every photo session can't go perfectly as planned. When that happens, I try my best to be accommodating and make concessions to rearrange my schedule to fit them in at a later time. We all know babies and children can be very unpredictable. If nap time didn't go well, someone is hungry, or just plain cranky... why should that be a reflection on me? I am finding it hard not to let these things get to me or to hurt my feelings when someone is upset with the way it went. But with John gone...not here by my side to comfort me when I've had a bad just seems to be so much more frustrating. It can be kind of discouraging. Don't get me wrong...I love what I do. I love babies, and I love children. But I am still learning how to handle these situations...and I may not always be as composed as I wish I could be. When you're stressed's not always easy to hide. I am a pretty laid back and easy going person though. Most of my clients tell me that I am very patient. So I "thought" I was doing well giving that's OK vibe. I have come a long way since I opened my business. And I am pleased with my progress. I just wish I could make everyone happy...and when I don't, I am sad.


  1. You have to understand how incredibly talented you are. The thing is, you are capturing moments of the children's life. And, the moments are good and bad when they are little. You have a talent for catching the moment as it is--beautiful. Don't take it upon yourself to solve life's problems, because it is just exhausting. Just do like you do, and allow the family to see the beauty in it. Look at it that way, because you are great at capturing that beauty.

    <3 you!

  2. luv you too problem is when the family doesn't understand that...what do I do then? when they go off complaining about how I handled the situation?

  3. Send them a card. Express yourself as eloquently as you did so in your blog. Tell them you really wish that things had gone better, and if you really feel like sacrificing a little time and effort to maybe ease your sadness or discouragement, then offer them another photo session for free. If they can't accept the things you say, then the failure to resolve the issue is on them. Not you. As my husband once told me, you can only be responsible for your actions. You can't control how people react to the same situation you are in. If something didn't go as planned, and you reacted in a way that you wish now you could change, then a card, letter, or note is all you should need to make it right. If the other people still act as if you totally destroyed their hopes and dreams of a perfect photo shoot and therefore they can't come back to you, then they are jackasses, and really, the weight of the matter now rests in their hands. Therefore, you can move forward a wiser woman, and confident that you did all you could do to make it right. This incident is just a growing pain in your business acumen. We all go through such experiences. But most importantly Paige, you are a good person with a big heart and you are patient. This incident won't kill your business, and if anything it'll just make you better prepared to handle the next curve ball that children and family photography will throw at you! By the way, I love the blog! I didn't realize you were writing one until now!